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CottageCutz FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What are CottageCutz?
         A:     CottageCutz are thin metal dies used to create cut-outs of shapes and letters. They can be used with popular die-cutting tools.


Q:    What sizes do CottageCutz dies come in?
A:     CottageCutz dies come in a variety of sizes, including: 3”x3”, 4”x4”, 4" x 6", 4" x 8" and other sizes. These are approximate sizes as measured in inches.


Q:    What die-cutting tools do CottageCutz dies work with?

          A:     CottageCutz dies have been tested and work with QuicKutz Revolution Tool, Sizzix / Ellison Big Shot, BigKick, CuttleBug, SpellBinder Wizard and Grand Calibur. Additionally, CottageCutz MINI dies work with the QuicKutz Squeeze and the original QuicKutz Hand Tool. Adapters may be required on some machines; consult the manufacturer’s user’s manual for more information on using adapters.  There are many die-cutting machines on the market today, the one's that work best distribute pressure equally across the die.


Q:    What is the purpose of ejection foam?
A:     Many dies also include ejection foam so that paper will not get stuck inside of the die's cutting knife edges. The ejection foam also helps distribute the pressure.  Many dies have pin holes which allows the paper to fall out or pushed out with a thin needle-like tool.  Dies with pin holes DO NOT require foam.


Q:    How do I foam my CottageCutz dies?
A:     Many of the older CottageCutz shape dies include ejection foam. If the die has pin holes, you do not need foam.  Simply peel the backing off the foam and place over the die (the side with the ridges/blades). Align the foam so it is matched up with the die. Press it on with your fingers then insert it into your die-cutting tool. Run the die through your tool without any paper. You may also peel off the excess foam around the edges of the die. Make sure the foam is still on the elements on the die that are small.


You need not worry about this as the foam is only present to ensure paper or other mediums being cut do not become wedged into the die. It is not present to protect or preserve the die, or to protect the user from being cut (as the knife edge is not sharp to the touch). As long as the shape or letter in question is mostly covered, the paper should eject properly.

Q:    What materials will CottageCutz dies cut?
A:     CottageCutz dies have been designed to cut all sorts of paper types from thin printer paper to thick cardstock, adhesive backed paper, vinyl and vellum.

When the ejection foam is removed, the dies can deliver more force and may cut additional materials such aslightweightchipboard (such as cereal box thickness), cork, craft foam, thin metal / metallic paper, and very stiff/thin specialty fabrics. 


Q:    What materials are CottageCutz dies made from?
A:     CottageCutz dies are made from Super Hardened Tool Steel (Spring Steel).  


Q:    How are CottageCutz dies manufactured?
A:     CottageCutz dies are manufactured using a chemical etching process. The Super Hardened Tool Steel is placed in an acid bath where approximately two-thirds of the metal is etched away. The ridges or blades have a tolerance of less than the width of a human hair. Dies are quality checked before being coated. The coating helps seal the steel and gives it a more friendly appearance. After a final quality check, they are packaged with a full color graphic that shows the results of a fully-assembled shape.


CottageCutz is a registered trademark of The Scrapping Cottage, Inc.  All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.


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